Multi-Gem Lavalier Necklace DI01263

This Multi-Gem Lavalier Necklace is crafted in 14K Yellow Gold with 1 piece of 14.04mm Baroque Pearls and 1 piece each of Pink Sapphire and Blue Sapphire w ...

PHP 43,700.00

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Black South Sea Pearl Lavalier Necklace DI01256

This Black South Sea Pearl Lavalier Necklace is set in 14K Yellow Gold with a single 12.00 mm Black South Sea Pearl.

PHP 30,800.00

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Plain Thin Omega Necklace MD02287

The Plain Thin Omega Necklace is crafted from 14K  White Gold and 16 inches in length.

PHP 22,200.00

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Black South Pearl Necklace MD06997

This strand of pearls is  set in an 18K White Gold necklace with 35 pieces of 12.42mm Black Pearls. Total weight = 435mm

PHP 196,400.00

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